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Artigo Metropolitalia
Time Period: Since 2010

In this project, a completely new infrastructure for the Humanities is developed for the exploitation of documentary sources (like images and retro-digitized text) as well as for the retrieval of empiric sources (like forms of speech). Over different web platforms, operated by the same social software, games with a purpose (GWAP) should engage a broad audience with the exploitation of sources or the retrieval of empiric sources. Two representative cases have been chosen for the beginning of the project: The first web platform should help exploiting images for Art History, the second collecting field data on the Italian language. It is planned to employ the infrastructure, which is being developed during the project, in further subjects. The project is the outcome of a long lasting cooperation between humanists, computer scientists and computational linguists. It is relevant for research for all participating subjects. 

The projects develops and exploits the following web platforms:

  • ARTigo aims at collecting tags of (photographs of) artefacts such as
    paintings, so as to ease their retrieval and to investigate art
    perception by large audiences
  • MetropolItalia Linguistica aims at collecting phrases so as to
    investigate linguistics divergences in the Italian of large cities


Name Institut
Matthias Becker Kunstgeschichte
François Bry Informatik
Laura Commare Romanische Philologie
Silvia Cramerotti Kunstgeschichte
Daniel Fritsch Medieninformatik
Hubertus Kohle Kunstgeschichte
Thomas Krefeld Romanische Philologie
Fabian Kneißl Informatik
Elena Levushkina Centrum für Informations- und Sprachverarbeitung
Stephan Lücke IT-Gruppe Geisteswissenschaften
Alessandra Puglisi Romanische Philologie
Christian Riepl IT-Gruppe Geisteswissenschaften
Eva Schmidt IT-Gruppe Geisteswissenschaften
Gerhard Schön IT-Gruppe Geisteswissenschaften
Klaus Schulz Centrum für Informations- und Sprachverarbeitung
Bartholomäus Steinmayr Informatik
Christoph Wieser Informatik
Clemens Schefels Informatik

www: http://www.play4science.org