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Emergency Management in Large Infrastructures

Time Period: 2010 - 2013

The project EMILI is a European project which aims at a new generation of control systems for large Critical Infrastructures (CIs) like power grids and telecommunication systems, airports, railway / metro systems, oil and gas pipelines. These CI currently undergo substantial technical, economic, organisational, political, and legal changes. Their meaning for all aspects of human society is steadily increasing, and their dependencies from each other are growing. A new approach to control them is needed in order to improve safety and security of large Infrastructures under these conditions - especially in the case of emergencies and crisis.

         EMILI brings together leading research groups in operational and data management, complex event processing, reactivity, knowledge representation, and SCADA with industry partners offering use cases and know-how for SCADA in airports, public transport, and power grids. EMILI will strengthen European research in critical infrastructure emergency management, expanding it with a focus on event-based and executable knowledge, and transfer it into areas of vital socio-economic relevance.

Contact: Simon Brodt, Steffen Hausmann
www: http://www.emili-project.eu/